name: The Open Factory

category: Project

date: 2014

The Open Factory project aimed to lower the entry cost in the manufacturing industry in Brazil by freely distributing open source hardware files that would  allow a person to build a complete furniture production line. The idea was that we would design a cheap and easy to build CNC Router that should get a high number of adopters. 

Our plan was simple: a person would build a CNC and the CNC would build all other necessary machines to complete the factory. For me this presented as a double opportunity: we would bypass the current sub-industrialized situation of Brazil and, at the same time, create a distributed network of digital manufacturers all over the country. As a first step in the project, we managed to design and build a prototype of our own low cost CNC router called Eve and couple of other secondary machines for the factory production line. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding, the project had to stop.